As a former gymnast, physical fitness ruled my life from a young age. As a result, I struggled to find the balance between what my body could do and what I demanded of it. Excessive exercise and diet restrictions became unhealthy habits, and my body image suffered as a result.

I knew I needed to turn the page on my gymnastics career, and began exploring on other physical hobbies. In the process, I quickly discovered my passion for rock climbing, snowboarding, and yoga.

After a few years of giving everything I had to three new activities – and experiencing a handful of injuries in the process – it became clear that in order to enjoy them for the rest of my life I was going to have to go about them in an entirely different way.

I took a step back. Achieving balance between exercise, nutrition, and stress management became my primary focus. I adopted a “less is more” approach to injury prevention and strength training. I researched ways to spend less time in the gym and more time exercising in the hobbies and environments I loved liked. I embraced fuller nutrition. I focused on the small movements and activities that brought me holistic stability, rather than those that conflicted with my own interests, priorities, needs, and goals.

This modified approach to wellness has allowed me to manage my own chronic pain effectively and get outside and play. Through subtle, intentional bodywork and effective physical and mental restoration, I’m able to maintain my current health, support my future health, and still enjoy the activities I love.

I’m here today to help you create the balance and behaviors that support your best future self. To bring enjoyment (and moderation) back to your physical exercise. To embrace and simplify the pursuit of wellness. To live actively, on your own terms.